تصاویر جدیدی از نسخه 2015 دو بازی PES و FIFA - آکا

تصاویر جدیدی از نسخه های 2015 PES و FIFA منتشر شده و بازهم طرفداران این دو بازی محبوب را بیش از پیش برای انتشار آنها ذوق زده نموده است. در ادامه چندین ویژگی و تصاویر جدید آنها را آورده ایم و باز هم قضاوت نهایی با شما!

PES 2015

  • – تمام نقل و انتقالات اخیر بازیکنان و تغییرات مربیان، که بر روند بازی تیم موثر است، به این بازی اعمال شده است.
  • – برای اولین بار، PES، دارای بخش دومی به زبان های انگلیسی، فرانسوی، ایتالیایی و اسپانیایی خواهد بود.
  • – نور دینامیک، صورت بسیار واقعی تر بازیکنان نیز، از دیگر ویژگی های جدید است.

البته در تصاویر زیر چهره ی گریت بیل بیشتر شبیه معلولای جسمی شده! خب اینم میذاریم به پای طراحان حسود رئال، وگرنه پرچم رئال بالاست!

 FIFA 2015

  • – کنترل و چالاکی بهتر برای واکنش راحت تر گیمر به موقعیت های داخل زمین و نبردهای نفر به نفر
  • – دسترسی به انتخاب های بیشتر برای تاکتیک ها، دستورالعمل ها و نقش هر بازیکن
  • – شامل تمام  20 استادیوم و 200 چهره ی اسکن شده از بازیکنان لیگ برتر انگلیس و سوپر لیگ ترکیه

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softpedia  (فیفا)

EA Sports: FIFA 15 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 Will Offer a Quality Experience

EA Sports: FIFA 15 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 Will Offer a Quality Experience

The development team at EA Sports has been offering a lot of information about the way the upcoming FIFA 15 will change the football sim experience on the PC, the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4, but the developers are saying that they also want to make sure that the last-gen versions of the title deliver quality to fans who have not upgraded. In a new post on the official site, the studio explains that “there are still millions of FIFA players on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and our commitment for this year was to create FIFA 15 for these consoles with tons of innovation and great new services. It delivers a FIFA experience that builds on the authenticity, real world connection, and amazing gameplay that the franchise is known for.” The EA Sports team goes on to list a range of features that will be included in the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 versions of FIFA 15. Agility and control are improved to make it easier for gamers to react to the situation on the pitch, man-to-man duels are more physical and strength-focused, and the ball now moves in more accurate ways based on how the players tough it. Gamers also get Team Sheets to use in the Career Mode and Team Management is much better, allowing players to prepare for the opposition’s strong points and to exploit its problems. There are also more choices when it comes to tactics, instructions, and roles for players. EA Sports adds, “The FIFA 15 development team has brought the Next Generation footballer to Xbox 360 and PS3. New character models and body rigging mean players appear more lifelike, powerful and athletic, while their kits will become dirty with mud and grass.” Both the Barclays Premier League, with all its 20 stadiums and 200 scanned player faces, and the Turkish Super Lig are included in FIFA 15 on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The only game mode that has been entirely removed is Pro Clubs. FIFA 15 will be launched on all platforms in late September and the game also includes a variety of improvements to the very popular Ultimate Team experience, with a new squad builder, a way to schedule future changes, and a loan option. The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of the game will also feature much better graphics and a game engine that makes the entire experience more realistic.

softpedia (پی اس)

PES 2015 Screenshots Show Incredible Player Likenesses – Gallery

PES 2015 Screenshots Show Incredible Player Likenesses – Gallery

Pro Evolution Soccer European Brand Manager Adam Bhatti has revealed the first screenshots from the PC version of PES 2015, showcasing the character models of some high-profile players. When Bhatti first made the announcement that the PC edition of PES 2015 would be a sort of hybrid between the last-gen and current generation ports, it didn’t go quite well with the PC audience, and it sparked some pretty heated arguments. The latest offering is meant to appease disheartened fans of the PC platform, showing players what the character models of Neymar and Gareth Bale, as well as their favorite football stars will look like in the upcoming game. Some of the new features added to this year’s edition of the popular football series are the addition of the latest transfers, as well as various enhancements all across the board, with coaches (some of which licensed) having a significant impact on how teams play. For the first time, the PES series will also include second divisions, of which so far the English, French, Italian and Spanish are confirmed to make an appearance. Other enhancements include overhauled dynamic lighting and much more realistic player likenesses, with faces that look arguably superior to those found in EA Sports’ FIFA series of football video games. Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is currently slated for a November 13 launch, coming to PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.