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Pretendo NDS Emulator v2.1 Android

موضوع: آرکید
نام پکیج: us.nintendods.emulator.free
ورژن: 2.1
حجم فایل: 11.91 مگابایت
تاریخ بروزرسانی: ۲۹ اسفند ۱۳۹۳ ۱۰:۳۶
امتیاز: 3.2 امتیاز
تعداد رای:  18066 نفر
تعداد نصب: >250,000 بار


Pretendo NDS is a free Nintendo DS emulator that lets you play your favorite DS games on any Android device.


★ Emulates dual touchscreen interface
★ Save and load game at any time
★ GameShark/ActionReplay/CodeBreaker cheats
★ Supports wireless controllers and device microphone
★ Custom button layouts and key bindings
★ Auto-rotate landscape or portrait orientation
★ Stretch to fit screen or original aspect ratio
★ Automatic frame skipping and flicker reduction


★ Transfer ROMs to your device storage
★ ROM file names should end in either .rom, .ds, or .zip
★ ROMs must be obtained in a legal manner. Several free public domain games/demos are available at http://pdroms.de/files/nintendods


★ Open Pretendo NDS Emulator
★ Press the menu button on your device
★ Choose "File Browser" in the popup menu
★ Browse to folder containing your ROM files
★ Select game to begin playing

LEGAL: This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Nintendo© Company, Ltd., its affiliates or subsidiaries. “Nintendo DS” and “Nintendo” are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. All rights reserved. Any and all video game software screen shots and related images that are simulated by Pretendo NDS and available on this Google Play listing, emulator user interface or any promotional material (collectively “Emulated Content”) is property of their respective copyright owners. Pretendo Emulators’ use of any Emulated Content is only for the purpose of providing comparative advertising to inform customers of the NDS emulators’ abilities and functionality in a truthful and non-deceptive manner.

Nintendo DS games sold separately. Pretendo NDS Emulator users must obtain self-created backup copies of rightfully owned physical video game cartridges for use with the NDS emulator. Any such copies used with Pretendo NDS must comply with permitted personal copies made in accordance with 17 U.S.C. § 117(a)(1).

This app is based on the open source ds4droid project, which is licensed by the GNU GPL v3 and available upon request. For the license, visit http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html


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Allows an application to record audio

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Allows an app to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi.

Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi.

Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.

Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service

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Allows access to the vibrator

Allows an application to read (but not write) the users browsing history and bookmarks.

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