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TimeScope - Endless Run v1.2.3 Android

موضوع: آرکید
نام پکیج: com.togglegames.timeScope
ورژن: 1.2.3
حجم فایل: 41.84 مگابایت
تاریخ بروزرسانی: -
امتیاز: 4.8 امتیاز
تعداد رای:  12 نفر
تعداد نصب: 50-100 بار

,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید

,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید

,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید

,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید

,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید


The best free 80s futuristic-retro infinite running game of 2015!

TimeScope is an awesome racing game that features fantastic 80s retro wave style and music! The objective is to get as far as you can, dodge obstacles and enemies, and collect gems and power-ups.

You""re travelling through time and space, but is there a reason for that? Strange enemies and objects seem to proceed from the end of the galactic country road. You""ve been chosen to discover the truth beneath this chaos. Find the one who""s planning this, and restore the universe balance by bringing him to justice before it""s too late.

• Endless race! Are you ready to survive this?
• Intuitive motion touch controls.
• Sweet and vibrant unique visuals.
• 80s-futuristic-retro awesome music. BREATHTAKING!
• Global Google+ leaderboard - compete against the world!
• Lot""s of achievements and missions, can you unlock them?
• Gem Currency System, collect and spend them at the shop!
• RNG enemy spawn system.
• Shop, More Characters, Jumping, and more - Coming soon!
• Incredibly fun!

We are pleased to launch the first edition of TimeScope, the game where running is the less of your troubles. Start collecting gems now and you""ll be able to purchase all of the visual upgrades, power-ups, and in-game custom mechanics, that will be added on upcoming updates!

Official site:



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