,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید

Dot Dash: Bounce Spike Pop Two v1.1 Android

موضوع: آرکید
نام پکیج: com.philipandroid.dotdash
ورژن: 1.1
حجم فایل: 6.15 مگابایت
تاریخ بروزرسانی: ۲۵ اسفند ۱۳۹۳ ۱۵:۲۳
امتیاز: 2.7 امتیاز
تعداد رای:  51 نفر
تعداد نصب: 1,000-5,000 بار

,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید

,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید

,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید

,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید

,دانلود بازی اندروید،دانلود آپدیت بازی اندروید


★ YOU are a big red rolling and bouncing dot ★
★ Bounce, hop, jump, roll and hop to survive in this endless free flow spike run world! ★
★ Don""t touch the spikes or let the bouncing ball spike hit you ★
★ WARNING: This game is HARD and moves FAST but it is super addictive ★
★ Train your reaction skills in this impossible tap minimal flat style runner ★
★ Can you guide your red bouncing ball dot far enough to make it to night world? ★

Dot Dash is a beautiful simple onetouch game that will keep you on edge and entertained with endless flow running  game play. Jump, bounce, hop, roll and dash your way over and around endless amounts of enemy spikes and other dangerous obstacles. With simple onetouch control, tapping the screen to bounce, guide your red ball dot over spikes and jump onto blocks to continue the endless levels. Any mistake will result in instant death and a respawn at the beginning of the level to restart your run. Be careful not to hit the ball spikes or POP! GAME OVER!

Don""t think a spike is all you have to worry about; Dot Dash has many other obstacles, enemies and traps to worry about too. The red ball rolls under your control with the steady flow of a great endless runner red ball game, but don""t worry, you don""t have to worry about two dots, just your own dot!

Dot Dash may feel too hard and impossible at times but after practicing and repetition you will be bouncing over endless amounts of ball spikes for hours and hours of fast, fun and addicting gameplay!

[How to play]

>Tap the screen to make the red dot bounce on obstacles and over spikes
>Don""t land on a spike or your dot will pop and your run will come to an end
>Endless run flow style hardest gameplay
>Avoid the spikes at all costs
>Roll your way through fast, hard levels and two dots worlds
>Beat all of your friends high scores!

If you love endless hard and impossible ninja and minimal flat runner style games like dot run and other minimal flat styles like twodots and ketchapp games then you will love Dot Dash: Bounce Spike Pop Two! This is the new hardest impossible runner game out on the market today. Get your FREE copy of this impossible hard endless runner and start rolling for your life today!


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